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The state of the Zipit

Things in the Zipit world have been quite interesting in the last year. Not only do we now have a very nice u-boot bootloader and installation script courtesy of marex, mozzwald and geordy. We also have working USB host on u-booted Zipits courtesy of GPSFan, mozzwald and myself (although I only had a small part in it's creation and perfection) as well as two nice serial mods from Foxx and geordy. I've been slaving away on my forks of IZ2S, IZ2Se and EZ2S as well as writing a few utilities and scripts for the Zipit in general and porting a few interpreters and compilers to ARM and the Zipit (OpenCOBOL, 4tH, lua, bwbasic, blassic...). mozzwald, wicknix and wejp has made some nice rootfs for the Zipit. mozzwald and wicknix's are based on ubuntu and debian respectivly and have versions for both u-boot+mainline and blob+.29 bootloader+kernel. wixknix's z2sid comes in two flavours, console only and X and mozzwald's z2buntu is X only. wejp's is for u-booted zipits only and is based on a buildroot rootfs and is console only. A couple of  nice things about wejp's rootfs is that it is really small and it comes with a really nice audio player based on SDL called Gmu. On the hardware side of things, Dom a French Zipit Owner and user has made a nice cable for charging/powering your Zipit from a USB slot on your computer or via an external battery pack. He is selling the cables and it costs 7 euros (about $10 incl postage) to have one sent to the USA. Dom is also working on other nice hardware additions to the zipit like screen protectors and a USB hub that can also charge/power the zipit too. Another #zipit channel user zashi has written a nice key binding utility for .29 kernel upgraded and u-booted zipits called ebindkeys which I am trying to get working in IZ2S/IZ2Se/EZ2S, so far i've not had much luck but i'll keep trying, I suspect I need to do some more fiddiling with kernel modules and /dev nodes

[Update: ebindkeys does work in IZ2S/IZ2Se/EZ2S. As i suspected it required loading a module and creating nodes and some fiddiling, we can't use it for the green power button but it does give us access to all the "normal" keys plus home, options etc. ]

Well that's all that I can currently remember about what's going on in the Zipit world, i'm sure i've forgotten a few things but i'll post about them in the fullness of time.

Happy New Year Zipitians

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  1. Do you have an email address for Dom? I’d like to buy his USB charging cable.



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