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OpenWRT on the Zipit Z2

projectgus has just announced that OpenWRT has been ported to the Zipit Z2.  The base install includes wifi support, ssh server and ZipIt-friendly console and there are nearly 3000 prebuilt binary packages available to install using the opkg package manager. As OpenWRT was designed to run on devices with small (<64M) ram (routers) it should run quite well and will be a nice base for people to use to build their own custom rootfs.

To be able to use the OpenWRT port you must have a u-booted zipit and be able to format an sd card as ext2 which means you'll need to have access to a computer running linux (or have a linux VM) that can write to sd cards (USB SD Card Reader/Writer most likely as most virtualization software, VirtualBox, VMWare and linux generally have problems with builtin sd card reader/writers, especially on HP computers). The reason you need to have a linux system is that the OpenWRT Zipit Z2 port is supplied as a tarball rather than a disk image.

The OpenWRT port contains mostly console/text programs however some graphic programs have been ported from the Ben Nanonote OpenWRT port.

You can find more details about the port on the projectpage



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  1. Thanks Russell! The conversion of my ZipitZ2 to Uboot went pretty easily. It is superior for sure!
    Now, I have OpenWRT running, which seems at first glance to be much faster than what I was using. Hopefully I can figure out how to configure it correctly for the model T gateway application.

  2. Hi, hope you are feeling better these days.
    Hey, Still trying to sort out the wifi on my zipit z2.

    * I wiped the flash disk, and re-installed the Feb 6 openwrt tar image from http://www.chainxor.org/openwrt-zipit/snapshot/

    * I downloaded and placed in root, made executable the ewoc script.

    * attempted to run the script (ewoc.sh, from here http://mozzwald.com/zipit/z2sid/ewoc-z2sid.fixed) with

    ash ewoc.sh

    This does not run at all! immediately complains.
    It is hard for me to capture this text since it is in the zipit.



    • I don’t have a zipit immediately available at the moment (they are all packed away as i’m working on some other projects at the moment) so can you check to see if /bin/bash is available in openwrt and that it isn’t symlinked to ash, dash or something like that? ewoc REQUIRES bash as it uses arrays and other stuff not available in ash/dash…..

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