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Building newLISP for the Raspberry Pi using the development VM

I just put together another quick screencast of the development vm in action. A tiny bit more complicated than tiny basic for curses this time as i had to install a library and edit the makefile a tad and i also ran the test suite inside sb2 as well.

YouTube Preview Image

ok enough messing around with the vm for the time being. it's time to start writing the raspberry pi (part three) blog post.

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  1. Thanks Russel. I have included two new makefiles for the Raspberry PI platform in the 10.4.0 preview version (source only).


    One with and one without UTF8 support.

    These makefiles don’t require readline libs. But of course they can be installed as shown in Russel’s video. In that case out-comment the relevant lines in the makefiles.

    • great. i’ll check everything still builds and take a look at the Makefiles and see if there is anything else that can/should be changed.

      • it all seems to be fine. passed all tests (well why wouldn’t it :) ) it does need testing on real hardware though if anyone has a raspberry pi lying around being idle

        • [raspberry@localhost newlisp-10.4.0-pre]$ sb2 make test
          make check | grep ‘>>>’
          >>>>> ALL FUNCTIONS FINISHED SUCCESSFUL: ./newlisp
          >>>>> Dictionary API tested SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> XML API tested SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> XML callback tested SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> Signal testing SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> Network eval and network file functions IPv4 SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> The Cilk API tested SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> Reference testing SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> time per simple message: 1029 micro seconds
          >>>>> time per round trip : 4390 micros seconds
          >>>>> time per proxy trip: 1150 micro seconds
          >>>>> Message API tested SUCCESSFUL
          >>>>> Performance ratio:23.25 (1.0 on Mac OSX, 1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo, newLISP v10.2.8)
          [raspberry@localhost newlisp-10.4.0-pre]$

  2. Thanks, Installed no issues, adjusted adapters online now watching video in VM on XP host. After the show back to programming.

  3. I appear to have a permissions problem when running yum under sb2

    “unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/lib/libv4l: cpio: mkdir”

    I get lots of these errors relating to mkdir and symlink.

    Where should I change the permissions?


    • Yes sorry you will have and I should have put an update on the post before now. I used yum to install a couple of things before making the vm and it all seemed to work ok but it looks like yum is a bit fussier about permissions than apt in some cases so you’ll need to make the seed rootfs world writable

      cd $HOME/raspberry_pi_development/f13arm_rootfs
      sudo chmod -R 777 *

      and it should all work.
      and that should fix it

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